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Seeding Square

Seeding Square

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Perfect for -

  • All types of vegetables 
  • All sizes of gardens
  • All ages and skill level

From children to newbie gardeners to the elderly needing some reminding, the Seeding Square is the Must-Have tool for Vegetable Gardening.

  • Planting can be done in rows or by the Square -foot.
  • Optimizes your garden plot for the highest yield possible.
  • Organizes the layout of your garden.
  • Reduces the amount of weeds and makes them easy to spot. 
  • Perfect spacing of your seeds is fun and easy with colour-coded holes. 

Includes: Seeding Square, Spoon & Wand, Funnel, Planting Guide, Instructions.

Shop Online or Pick Up at my farm located at 1389 Blue Mountain Road, Lansdowne        Wednesday through Sunday 10:00 am- 4:00 pm.

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