Upcycling the Crate to Creative - A Fairy Garden for Children


Brand Beyond The Arbour

Where did this treasure chest come from? How did it come to be in the garden? What's inside the chest? Only your imagination can answer these questions. 

Beyond The Arbour with the help of gardening friends has collected the wooden crates, and will provide the soil, the shells, the stones, the herbs to smell and taste while you play, and a colourful flower to bring joy to your garden.

Children can bring whatever miniature items they want to add to the garden ie, animals, dinosaurs, lego etc.. 

For a Family rate - $30.00 for the first child, $25 for each additional child.

Saturday May18  9:30am                                                                                Sunday May19  1:30pm  

Bring your imagination and come to the farm at 1389 Blue Mountain Road, Lansdowne, K0E1L0  613-659-4004  Connie