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Artfully Recycled

Artfully Recycled Angel

Artfully Recycled Angel

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Originally designed as an Christmas ornament, it was quickly discovered that these Angels were an all year gift - to oneself or a friend!

Each Laurie Sponagle Artist Angel Ornament is unique!  The current batch is created from an old cedar Adirondack Chair set (those beautiful thick wooden chairs – not those thin ones big box stores sell now!), and adorned with lath wings from a historic home renovation. 

The Angel is 6” long by 5” wide by 1.5” deep (hanging dimension 10” long by 6”wide) (all sizes are approx.), and is ready to hang – indoor or outdoor. 

Shop Online  with Shipping or Pick Up at my farm located at 1389 Blue Mountain Road, Lansdowne        Wednesday through Sunday 10:00 am- 4:00pm

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